“Whose Tomorrow is Tomorrow?”: Remembering (Past) Futures in Autobiographical Writings of the US-Nicaragua Solidarity Movement and Contra War, 1979-1991

Verena Baier


Tracing the question of how life writing about the US-Nicaragua solidarity movement and Contra War comments on 1980s US society, this paper investigates the narrative construction of future visions through the plotted narratives of past presents and past futures in John Brentlinger’s The Best of What We Are: Reflections on the Nicaraguan Revolution and William R. Meara’s Contra Cross: Insurgency and Tyranny in Central America, 1979-1989.


life writing; US-Nicaragua solidarity movement; Contra War; past futures; utopia; nostalgia; 1980s US society

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5283/copas.312


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