Multiplying Perspectives through Text and Time: Jamaica Kincaid's Writing of the Collective


  • Antonia Purk University of Erfurt



Repetition and revision, autobiography, Caribbean collective history, historiopoiesis


Throughout Jamaica Kincaid’s fictional works, the literary technique of narrative repetition and revision multiplies narrative perspectives both with regard to singular events as well as through generations and thereby through history, pointing back to the year 1492. This article demonstrates how Kincaid thus inscribes a multitude of perspectives into what has hitherto been largely read as autobiographical fiction and, in this way, engages collective Caribbean experience as profoundly affected by the history of colonialism and slavery.

Author Biography

Antonia Purk, University of Erfurt

Antonia Purk is a PhD student at the Department of American Literature of the University of Erfurt. She has earned her master’s degree in Comparative and American Literature from the University of Erfurt in 2012 and has since then worked on her PhD project, which is concerned with the imaginative engagement of history in the literary works of Jamaica Kincaid. In her analyses she puts a special emphasis on text, image, and body as media of historiopoiesis.




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Purk, Antonia. “Multiplying Perspectives through Text and Time: Jamaica Kincaid’s Writing of the Collective”. Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies, vol. 15, no. 1, June 2014, doi:10.5283/copas.192.