The Power of "AH, E/B, Very OOC": Agency in Fanfiction Jargon


  • Alexandra Herzog American Studies, University of Regensburg



Fanfiction, Agency, Jargon, Community-building, Expertise


Fannish jargon is extensively used in fanfiction writing, with its terminology pervading the fans’ discourse and stories so as to obstruct comprehension for non-fans. My essay discusses the functions of fanspeak in community-building and in fans’ claim to status as experts, focusing on the agency fanauthors thus create and demonstrate to the original authors of the meta-text.

Author Biography

Alexandra Herzog, American Studies, University of Regensburg

Alexandra Herzog is a doctoral student at the Department for American Studies at the University of Regensburg, Germany. She completed her teachers’ exam in German and English in July 2010 and has since then been working on her dissertation on fanfiction. In addition, she has been a project assistant  for the DFG project on Forefathers’ Day Orations in the United States 1770-1865 (Prof. Dr. Udo J. Hebel). Among others, her studies took her to the University of Kentucky in Lexington/USA. Her research interests include fan studies, visual culture studies, early colonial studies, and memory studies. 


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Herzog, Alexandra. “The Power of ‘AH, E B, Very OOC’: Agency in Fanfiction Jargon”. Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies, vol. 14, no. 1, Apr. 2013, doi:10.5283/copas.158.